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Track Name: Railing Gainst The Ether
doing this for
mother gaia motherfuckers
living in denver but im la styling
on pile a mothafuckas
thinking they rap but they million dollars short
me i’m neither
railing against the ether
cuz it eats me if i dont
watch what i eat
cops can watch me all they want
my philosophy is on my sleeve
and a middle finger wrests in side

never had no time
never in my prime
if i was i’d quit
lost my relevance whats relevence in a sea of slime
industry can teach you how to climb
god can teach how to kneel
me i’ll teach you to make a meal with shit you grow
what you wanna know?
how to write a book im learning that
how to have a happy marriage
bout the only thing i’ve right
might avoid fist fights but i’ll never run
my real enemy a thing i can’t see
and can’t touch

banks are made of marble
ceos are getting fatter
the universe is moving away from us
the earth is getting flatter

all ships dont rise
all balls dont bounce
what a joke
only a machine can quantify worth

ducking out the back
integrity half intact
lets be real
if i dont compromise my values i’d have to kill myself
cuz none of this shit adds up
to anything but cognitive dissonance and hypocracys the only way to live
when the world is upside down
and the people you might wanna follow slide down
down, down
below the underground
find me reading dead white men before what was a thing one had to kill

another day for that

never a day to be real if you wanna get ahead
ass kissers of the world unite, find a flight
to the mall on the moon
you belong there
with a con stare
at they top they aint gon share
remember kronstadt
never forget
centralized power
the enemy of those who build it

and when the revolution comes
no ones up against the wall
but if you fuck with us
you will meet your maker

fake recognize faker
real recognize nothing but the current insurrection

poor me, no college degree
and someday colleges pay me to speak
i dont want the red carpet or the super highway to falling asleep behind the wheel
i stay drunk in the late stage of whatever this is
im sober as fuck though
with nothing but a couple hundred dollars and a dying ass world