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Plague Days

by Sole & DJ Pain 1

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in the days of the plague

im just trying to stay sane

trying to stay fed

trying not to find a grave

trying not to lose my mind but its gone already

talking bout a civil war brewing its a war already

no i aint ready

2 kids locked inside w us barley time to make spaghetti

and that 1200 that they gave me barely make up for that fact that

its a fucking fact that

this thing you call america is dead already

i came here from the future on a missile

i told you motherfuckers back in 05 rome burned and nero played the fiddle

but now its the 2020 they playing violins against violence

the anthropenes body count brought me out of my rerirement

everyone is lying

while the body bags are piling and

i was crying man

asking where the fire went

then it came in an instant

I’m on the wrong side of the law

till we burn down every precinct

in the days of the plague

we saw cities up in flames

lead by descendants of former slaves

breaking chains

but many more remain

don’t listen to the peace police

they just wanna stay dry and complain

you can keep your ultra wet non profit status blankets

while we dancing in the rain

I’m sorry if you lost someone.

to a killer cop or coronavirus in the lungs

this is how the world was one

we’re all mayans sacrificed to the sun

and we aint done

till we avenge every last one

in the days of the plague

they gave

you a dollar an hour more than minimum wage

thanked you for your service like you signed up to invade

enlisted for war but all u wanted was paid days off and a lil raise

and in these days if i learned anything about the workings of power

you motherfuckers can’t eat

without peeps making & 8.25 an hour

don’t get me started on the prisons

cuz i know liberals won’t listen

but i ant you to imagine

in the days of the plague

i learned the difference between want and need

if anything was clear in 2019

its clearer now aint no such thing as society

all my heroes dead

all the gods have left

all they hand is debt

all they understand is force so we give em that

every epoch reels

from the cut which evolves from its achille heel

nights turn into days

it was so easy to break

tsunami on the way

do you wanna drown or ride the wave?


released December 4, 2020




sole Maine

Rapper, Poet, Father, Anarchist, Autonomist, Producer, etc.

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